What is Meditating?

To meditate is to be present, in the here and now, to experience each day, each hour and each minute of your life as a whole. It is walking, talking, eating, breathing, in short, living consciously being with your conscience in the present moment.

Aware that you are responsible for what you think.

In parts, the modern world has facilitated our dispersion of the present moment. We are busy, in a hurry, thinking about tomorrow … we keep saying that everything is very busy … always leaving it for later, in the next launch, in the next lunch, in the next conversation and even in the next life. What can this cause us ?? We no longer live in the now, letting go of several opportunities that perhaps will never return.

Meditating silences thoughts …

What do you mean by silencing thoughts ?? it is not the silence we are used to, it is putting yourself in the position of observer and practicing self-observation. It is to let thoughts arise, but without labels or judgments.

What the purpose of meditation is is an individual experience, everyone will discover their ideal way of meditating and will experience the entire meditation process in a very particular way and also according to their goals.

You can use meditation to sleep better, before a meeting or important event, to relax during a flight, relieve emotional pain, reduce stress … in short, to connect with yourself!

Make this moment a habit and you will see the infinite benefits that meditation and meditation can bring you like being happier, having more resilience, self-realization, tranquility, self-knowledge and much more. However, you will only discover what it is to meditate after you feel that you are really willing to do it, and get started, the first step.

Tips to start practicing:

There are not many secrets to start with, but there are some tips that make it easier to practice, such as:

Accept your thoughts: do not create expectations, your thoughts will not disappear overnight. You will learn to observe them and not to get attached to them;

Establish a routine: to start realizing the benefits of practice, you need to practice daily. One suggestion is to practice a morning meditation to start the day well.

Find your technique: there are different types and techniques of meditation. Explore this universe and find out which one makes the most sense for you.

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Meditation is a divine gift. It simplifies our outer life and energizes our inner life. Meditation gives us a natural and spontaneous life, so natural and spontaneous that we cannot even breathe without being aware of our own divinity. ”

– Sri Chinmoy, from the book Meditation