According to Vishen Lakhiani, Writer and Speaker, in order to live a full life it is essential to force on 6 aspects of our life to keep the mind positive and healthy in order to achieve the desired goals.

Are they:

  1. Compassion: we connect to all beings with a feeling of love and compassion, becoming one with the whole.
  2. Gratitude: we are grateful to someone who has done us a kindness or something good that has happened to us.
  3. Forgiveness: we take advantage of the loving, grateful and complete frequency that we find ourselves to forgive someone or any situation that has hurt us.
  4. Perfect Day: we bring the memory of a very happy day for this sense of accomplishment to return to our cells.
  5. Desired future: with our cells vibrating completeness, we visualize something that we desire in the near future being realized.
  6. Blessing: We feel blessings for fulfillment falling on us. Create new habits, and make them a bridge for your evolution!

I developed a Meditation specially for you!

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