DE-INFLAME is a process that involves both physical and mental approaches to reducing inflammation in the body and promoting emotional well-being. I often say that the “MAP” system – Movement, Food and Thought – created by neurologist Professor Pedro Schestatsky is the path to perfect integration. 

Emotions and feelings can affect our body in an overwhelming way, and can also be influenced by the environment we live in, the people we live with and the daily inter- and intra-personal challenges. 

On the other hand, inflammation can also be generated physiologically due to unhealthy daily habits that trigger processes that directly affect our emotions. For example: 

Have you ever had an upset stomach or nausea after arguing with someone? Or felt your blood pressure rise or fall after some unpleasant news?

Our emotions are like a sensor, directly affecting our mind and therefore our body.

Feelings such as hurt, resentment, anger, sadness also create long-term somatisation and can lead to various types of illness such as gastritis, ulcers, cardiovascular problems, allergies, respiratory problems and even cancer. 

And from my own experience, cultivating so many feelings like hurt and resentment towards my father over many years, and even having a healthy lifestyle, I didn’t escape the most painful diagnosis of my entire life: “level 3 breast cancer”. 

 It’s important to remember that each person is unique, and that not everyone who has these feelings and emotions will get the disease, but that the likelihood of them leaking into the body, weakening our defenses and preventing it from regenerating itself is undoubtedly very high.

That’s why I decided to study in depth the relationship between feelings and emotions and neuro inflammation, specialising in Neuroscience and Mental Health and Emotional Intelligence.

And in the face of so many discoveries that made my eyes shine, such as anti-inflammatory diets, alternative types of physical activity, which sometimes just 15 minutes a day can have a very beneficial effect on the body; understanding how to have a restorative night’s sleep because it’s positive the next day, being aware of moments of stress; using emotional intelligence to create a healthy social environment and cultivate good relationships (family, friends, love); having a full and pleasurable sex life… after all, sex is life! Also be open to integrative therapies; hydrate your body with water! That’s right, no substituting tea or juices;  And finally, supplements and nutrients (which I’ll be talking about in detail in future posts). 

The combination of these approaches can help reduce inflammation in the body and promote better emotional health. What works for some may not work for others, but by following a healthy lifestyle, cooperating with your body functions properly, and recognising your emotions, I believe it is possible to DE-INFLAME not only the body but also the emotions. 

Here’s one of my favorite recipes that I created myself to DE-INFLAME the body and the emotions. It’s very simple to make and has a high nutritional and antioxidant power. Taking it in the morning on an empty stomach will help your body neutralize inflammation, increasing your immunity, improving digestion, intestinal flora with fungicidal properties, and the warm water with lime will help the immune system by hydrating and replenishing the fluids lost by the body during the night’s sleep. 

And you will already connecting with the day that’s starting, drinking the tea in a present and full way, practicing mindfulness with this wonderful combination of ingredients that for me is pure alchemy of the senses!

And in this moment you already connect with your mind, body and energy, balancing your emotions.

I savoured every ingredient of this tea, which my friends called the tea of love, because it takes care of the body and soul in such a beautiful way. 

Here’s what you’ll need…

1 piece of grated ginger

Turmeric with Bioperine 10mg

½ teaspoon cinnamon powder

1 teaspoon of coconut oil or MCT oil

½ squeezed lime 

Warm water

Its benefits really are incredible, and if you want to know more about other magical potions, follow me on , because if I write everything here it will become an Ebook… haha

I’m very grateful to everyone who has made it to the end of this reading and happy to be able to share what I’ve learned and learning along this endless journey called “LIFE”.

Love and Lights