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Essential Mind Therapy

The individual session is designed to help you reframe your situation with a new perspective and create options to move forward within what you really have in your mind,  body and exploring  your unique and powerful energy.


Featured: Breaking Your Limiting Beliefs

Season 1, Episode 1

 Essential Mind Therapy Session






About the Session with Susy

Essential Mind and the 7 Senses

In Person

Individual Sessions  

  • Aura Reading
  • Access Bars
  • NLP
  • Tuning Forks alignment
  • Electron Plus Protocol + Guided Exercises       


  • Guided Therapies
  • NLP
  • Energy Consultation 




The pinnacle of the senses and thought, the brain is the machine that powers your thoughts and how you respond: the supernatural tool. By exercising the brain with specifically targeted excercises, nutritional activation and energetic stimulation, you can program your ‘brain computer’ to explore the deepest potential of your mind.


The mind is the state of consciousness and sub-consciousness that enables the expression of human nature.  Your mind is your computer operating system.  Keeping it virus-free, updated with the latest version, and regular house-cleaning ensures top performance in your purpose journey.


Everything is energy.  Energy is sparked from your thoughts, your emotions amplify it, and your actions increases its momentum. By understanding how our brain thoughts combined with our mind expressions impact the energy we transmit, you can learn how to tap into your unner invisible, supernatural power.

Sample Episode

Breaking Limiting Beliefs

Listen to the audio (in Portuguese) for some practical exercises to transform your limiting beliefs…and observe how your life transforms.

Season 1, Episode 1    |    38min

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Meet Your Instructor

Susy Shikoda

Susy Shikoda

Susy is an international speaker, trained and certified facilitator in Access Bars® technique and practitioner in Electrons Plus® E+ Therapy™, a trained Neuro Coach, and a Licensed Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming® (NLP).  She created her Essential Mind Training as a unique interactive and practical program of digital training programs, guides, and in-person live Mastermind events as a way to unlock and map your own brain, mind and energy consciousness to new levels to achieve your own maximum potential across every aspect of your life.  Widely experienced with training audiences internationally, she takes her own techniques with how she completely recovered from a serious health challenge, and teaches you how to overcome personal, business, financial challenges to learning how to live, laugh and love.

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Meet Susy Shikoda

September 25, 2019

The Brazilian Event Connection - London, UK

A cultural evening for business and social leaders with guest speakers on mind, body language and special keynote presentation by award-winning Brazilian executive Angela Hirata who built Havaianas into a global icon.

January 11, 2020

Essential Mind Training Masterclass I - London

Learn the basic capacity of the brain through food, exercise in the hemispheres and energization with a variety of techniques like PEMF, NLP and Essential Oils.

February 22, 2020

Essential Mind Training Masterclass II - London

Learn the basic capacity of the brain through food, exercise in the hemispheres and energization with a variety of techniques like PEMF, NLP and Essential Oils.