Have you ever missed an opportunity because your mind has been dominated by fear?

Fear is a very common obstacle in the human mind. It used to keep us alive in cave times. When large animals and predators roamed our territory, a keen conscience saved lives.

Nowadays, we are quite safe, as we don’t have to fight to survive.

But inside your brain, it has the same fear circuit that your cave ancestors had.

Just instead of taking action when a tiger is near, the fear circuit responds to modern terrors like talking on stage in front of hundreds of people, tall buildings, rejection, or failing a test.

The trigger is different, but the response to fear is the same.

Fortunately, you are the boss – not your brain.

Fortunately, you are in charge, not your brain.

Unfortunately, sometimes your brain takes over and it can be very difficult to get past it …

So, if you feel that fear has taken over your thoughts and emotions, slow down, and exercise! Continue reading during two parts of the physical exercise that will help you calm your hyperactive fear circuit, and then overcome your fear!


When your fear circuit is firing excitedly, it is difficult to focus on anything else. That is why part 1 is a simple breathing exercise to calm the circuit.

Follow these steps and you will be ready to consciously overcome your fears in no time.

When you start to feel anxiety or fear, just stop what you are doing and watch the emotion – don’t fight it.


Take 6 long, slow and very deep breaths. Feel the stress leaving your body. Imagine that you are inhaling calmly, and exhaling small molecules of fear.

Six breaths is a kind of magic number to calm down when you are in an excited state. If you’re still nervous, keep breathing!

After calming down, smile! You just took the fear away like a light switch. With practice, you will become a master at turning off negative emotions (when they are not serving you).