To fully enjoy our mind, first of all it is vitally important to understand how it works, as well as a computer that before downloading any program you need to know the basic functions of the device.

And the brain in turn is the perfect machine that we use to program our mind.

Have you ever heard that the brain is like a muscle? This is an analogy but studies show when exercise can increase the amount of neurons and brain activity, both by intellectual stimulation and regular physical activities, hence the need to keep your body, mind and energy aligned.

What the brain and the muscle have in common is what we call Plasticity, which are divided into 5 modalities, but the one I will refer to here is that related to learning.

Every time you learn something new the brain keeps the important information, to be used when necessary, and so it creates a path in your brain that each time you learn more with that same experience or knowledge, these paths get stronger and stronger . Studies have shown that when a person who already speaks more than one language when he starts to study other different languages ​​is much easier to learn, this is because the brain created a communication between neurons that made this experience stronger and more efficient.

Follow my tips below and increase your brain capacity:

  • Be constantly learning to strengthen brain connections.
  • Get out of the routine, try to do the same in a different way, eg: brush your teeth with the hand contrary to the one you are used to brushing.
  • Focus on a particular activity from beginning to end, without distractions so that you can learn more regularly.

The brain is constantly evolving and changing, adapting to the culture and environment where you are, and this capacity we call Neuroplasticity or Neural Plasticity, where they are able to change, adapt, increase in size and even repair damage suffered, transforming and creating other connections through neurons.

Follow my tips below and increase and stimulate your Neuroplasticity:

  • Exercise both sides of your brain, using the right side using your creativity and the left side for logical reasoning, diversifying your learning by covering areas of knowledge thus stimulating both hemispheres.
  • Having a balanced diet is crucial for your brain to function at full throttle, eliminate negative habits that are the automatic neural pathways for your brain, replacing with healthy habits for at least 21 days.
  • Resting and relaxing your brain is also necessary for it to recover and perform well. A good night’s sleep and meditation are great for recharging your batteries!

This topic is quite complex, but what was discussed here will be enough for you to sharpen your interest in the subject and start consciously to develop Neuroplasticity in your brain, increasing your knowledge and opening new frontiers never imagined, in this universe called BRAIN .

Good journey, and good discoveries!

Susy Shikoda