The human being has two different minds:

The conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is the programmer. It is the thinking, creative part of our mind.

In Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of personality, the conscious mind consists of everything within our consciousness. This is the aspect of our mental processing that we can think and speak in a rational way.

The conscious mind includes things like the sensations, perceptions, memories, feelings and fantasies within our current consciousness. Closely allied to the conscious mind is the preconscious, which includes things that we are not thinking about at the moment, but which we can easily attract to conscious awareness.

Things that the conscious mind wants to keep hidden from consciousness are repressed in the unconscious mind. While we are unaware of these feelings, thoughts, impulses and emotions, Freud believed that the unconscious mind could still influence our behavior. The things that are in the unconscious are only available to the conscious mind in disguise. For example, the contents of the unconscious can become consciousness in the form of dreams. Freud believed that by analyzing the content of dreams, people could discover the unconscious influences on their conscious actions.

How to work the conscious mind

  • Create and repeat habits related to what you want to achieve in your life.
  • Practice “Mindfulness’ “Mindfulness” to make room for new insights.
  • Connect your body, mind and energy using all the senses.

What is the Subconscious Mind

According to Brain Tracy CEO of a Company specialized in Training and Development of Individuals and Organizations, he explains that the subconscious mind is an unquestionable servant who works day and night to make his behavior fit in a pattern consistent with his thoughts, hopes and desires emotionalized. In your subconscious mind you can grow flowers or weeds in the garden of your life, but it will depend on what you are planting in your mind, as this will be your reality.

The subconscious mind is real, it is an integral part of you, it can unlock all its power as if it were a supercomputer with a database, which is available to create new experiences in your life.

Throughout your life you have programmed your subconscious with thought habits and beliefs. And a habit is nothing more than an act or thought repeated over and over, that for the subconscious mind there is no difference between tying a shoe or thinking about yourself in a certain way.

Your job is to store, organize and interpret data from your predominant thoughts and also attract or help you to create what is in your conscious mind.

The subconscious does not have the capacity to judge what is real or what is just fantasy, it does not create anything, it only manifests what is suggested by the conscious mind and obeys totally, causing a great impact on our lives reflecting our current reality.

The subconscious mind is like the garden and the conscious mind the gardener, so pay attention to what you are planting right now, as it will be the fruits you will reap tomorrow!

How to access your subconscious mind

  • Find your essential “I” using meditation, this is the most direct technique to access your subconscious mind, as it leads to deeper levels of consciousness.
  • Use creativity, the subconscious loves to communicate beyond words, because they are the domain of the conscious and logical mind, try also to use the other senses with the music, image, smell and taste. Caring for and nurturing your creativity can help you live more authentically and in closer contact with your subconscious self.
  • Follow your instincts, as they are the inner voice of the subconscious manifesting itself to make certain decisions in your life that will be incredibly perceptive and surprisingly accurate, and available at any time, as long as you know the way to open that door.

See below the metaphor used by Freud, where he considers our conscious and subconscious mind as an iceberg